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2016-04-06 :: It's a sad day!
The New Fiduciary rule.

It is a sad day when the government has to impose new rules that force brokers/independent advisors to put a client’s best interest first. How sad has our society become when laws have to be implemented to enforce a higher ethical code. It is a shame.

The new rules, which should come as no surprise, are really just how investment advice should have been given in the first place.   Does a plan sponsor or pension trustee really  want to go to a firm that has been forced legally to have ethics?

We believe that employers should align themselves with a firm that can prove they always operated under a “best interest” philosophy in writing. That would not only include, lowest cost funds and lowest cost record-keeping activity, but also include operational due diligence that makes sure the employer is in full compliance.

For the employers who do not realize their increased responsibilities, call us. Granite Group is an RIA that has no affiliations with brokerage or broker-dealer firms. Call us for an unbiased solutions. 203-210-7814


For the  broker/independent advisor who no longer can or want to participate in the retirement plan business, call us.

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