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2014-03-25 :: Tibble vs Edison and Fiduciary Responsibility
Coming next: Understanding the employer's fiduciary responsibility when it comes to investments

In a recent article, posted in Pensions & Investments, on the Tibble vs. Edison, whether an employer has  fiduciary responsibility over  investments should be a of great concern to all employers. Most employers mistakenly think their provider is the fiduciary, but that is not the case! Most provider contracts from the mutual fund, brokerage, banks, insurance and independent advisor community state they are a covered service provider, not a fiduciary.

What is one to do?  Most employers are intelligent, but not knowledgeable on investments. At the risk of sounding redundant, we are reposting an insight (click here) that we posted last June. Just like in “Bugs Life” when the grasshopper leans over to the princess ant and says: You know what is the problem of being in charge? Everything is your fault! Employers must hire an independent consulting firm.

Granite Group Advisors is a unbiased consulting firm with a proven methodology from investments, to operations, to fiduciary responsibility.   Please call 203-210-7814 to learn about potential conflicts with in your own plan.

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